Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Love Birds

I ran into some good friends at the wedding I shot last weekend (photos coming soon) and they allowed me to capture there love for each other with my camera. Derek and Lindsey are the cutest couple I know, you can see the Lord is really moving in there relationship. I knew Derek before I knew Lindsey because I met Derek when I was in school at Great Lakes Christian College. When I left college I started going to Visions Christian Night Club where I then met Lindsey. Well, that was like 2 1/2 years ago and now Derek and Lindsey are dating. They met while playing volleyball, and God continues to pour into there relationship. Jason and I have had the privlage of going out with them to lunch and we had a blast.

But here are there photos...more to come of them again some time in the future be sure to keep your eyes open for this very lovely couple!!!

This is probably my favorite photo of them!!!

Derek & Lindsey Thank you for allowing me to capture your love for one another. Love you guys, and don't forget we need to set a date to go golfing.

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