Friday, July 11, 2008

Congratulations Melissa & Raph

I met Melissa and Raph last year for there engagement session. They braved the freezing cold weather and still you could see there love for each other through there little jitters of trying to warm up.

This time when I met with Melissa and Raph there was thunder, lightning, rain, and hail. But that didn't stop the day! By the end of the ceremony it cleared up for some great photos!

Melissa & Raph (and family) sorry it took so long to post the photos of your beautiful wedding day! I pray for many years of happiness and many blessing's to you guys on your wonderful journey together! Hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photos!!!


Music Lovers said...

nice pic

Anonymous said...

I really like your work! You do such a good job, I'm glad you are pursuing your passion.
God bless,