Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stay on track

Last week at church we had a guest speaker Pastor Lee Cummings from Rez. life church of Richmond, Mi. This is what he spoke on:
1 Cor. 9:24- 27 Talks about how we live our lives with the finishline in mind.
Live your life as if your headed toward the finishline! Run the race and keep the faith. How do we live our lives? Are you living to win the race? The Holy Spirit is trying to get the winner out.
Here are 5 things you need:
1.You have to know the course your running.
If you don’t know your purpose you need to seek and ask God "what do you have for me?" Don’t take short cuts! You need to know the course so you don’t get lost.
2.You need to stay in your lane!
It happens in seasons we lose track. (like relationships) In transitions satan will try to distract you. From glory to glory, from faith to faith, from strenght to strenght Satan will try to distract you. So, STAY IN YOUR LANE, and know your course!
3.Set the pace.
Stay in step with Gods heart. You need to be able to go the distance. You need to be plugged into a local church, those who are plugged in will FLORISH! How plugged in is our heart with the local church? Gal. 5- stay in step with the Spirit! (Bethel- meaning, the face of God/ the house of God.)
4.Have a finishline mantality.
We are great beginners, BUT NOT good finishers! We NEED to be GOOD finishers!!! HAVE YOUR EYES ON THE FINISHLINE! Don’t let nothing stop you! Satan will try but you must know your self and know the course your running!
5.Know your competitor and now yourself!
Satan will try to get you off track. He’s thinking about you even though your not thinking about him. He is always trying to find different ways to get you off that track. You need to know your self and BELIEVE your new identity in Christ! You ARE DEFIND BY JESUS!!!! We are made to CROSS THE FINISHLINE!

Also, he had a word (I believe it’s for all of Michigan or it’s just for the Church’s):
This Land has been under darkness for so long, BUT LIGHT IS COMING! And the people of the Land will shout VICTORY!!!!
Ok, there you guys go, that was my notes on the message, I hope it taught you as much as it did me.
Many blessing’s!!!

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Amanda Suanne said...

what a great word! Thanks for sharing that! Its great to see photographers who are in love with jesus!

Amanda Suanne